Connect your brand to millions of consumers

As an advertiser you want to maximize your revenue , reaching the right consumer at the right place with the right message. The editors are an extension of your sales force.

Launching his campaign with AfilyAds will enable our network of web publishers and promote your products or services to your target. Almost immediately you will get thousands of consumers viewing what you have to offer but you only pay for results.

You do not have to waste money on clicks or impressions of banners that do not generate results. Enjoy the experience of our team of account management to ensure the success of your campaign and exceed your expectations.

Global reach
You will benefit from our extensive affiliate network and can reach millions of people around the world.
Real-time statistics
We have a technology that will help you control and optimize your campaigns in real time.


Pay for performance
Unlike display advertising that campaigns do not guarantee any results, you will only pay once the web visitor to perform an action on your web site.

Excellence in Account Management
You will have the support of a unique Account Manager that will help you manage and optimize your campaigns.


Quality traffic
Our network is segmented by thematic categories and types of disclosures: Retargeting, SEM, Email Marketing, Media Networks, Site-Under, Comparators, In-text, Social Networks, Thematic Websites, Bloggers, Cashback, Discount Coupons, Coregister.
Performance Result
We offer the options and possibilities to achieve your ROI objectives. Since the first conversion, we will optimize traffic, maximize your budget and bring you real results: leads, sales, new users, facilities , traffic , etc.

Long-term campaigns

Programs no end date and a base cost per action (CPA). We will provide you with excellent account management in order to connect it with the top editors of the category in order to make your program successful.

Short-term campaigns

Limited in terms of time or budget? The team AfilyAds will work hand in hand in order to define the purpose of generating leads, sales or other campaign actions taking into account their limitations.

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I have worked with various networks over the past few years, and AfilyAds offers competitive commissions and high profitability for our bases emailing. The staff is extremely friendly, open and transparent and, above all, helps us drive revenue significantly. - Cristiane | AdvUp
There are several affiliate programs, I have worked with most, but AfilyAds was a very good surprise. The big difference is the great care we have and also the payment that is super-fast and reliable. - Regiely | Mail&Brands
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