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Get the most out of your website with the help of AfilyAds. Have you frequently updated your website with creative content? Now it's time to make money of it! We'll display only relevant ads and you'll earn revenue every time your visitors click on the ads, fill out a form or make a purchase.

Diversification campaigns
We have campaigns for all types of affiliates: Retargeting, SEM, Email Marketing, Media Networks, Site-Under, Comparators, In-text, Social Networks, Thematic Websites, Bloggers, Cashback, Discount Coupons, Coregister.

Easy integration
Our system was designed for beginners who want to spend a minimal amount of time with integration. Of course our experts also made sure to design it for maximum earnings optimize.


Global campaigns with competitive commissions
You will have access to the largest global advertisers' campaigns in different countries with highly competitive commissions.

Simplified billing process
Your invoices will be available starting from 100 euros in commissions generated.


Specialists in Account Management
We have a team of optimization experts who work together with you to generate the best possible results. This team will make recommendations and suggestions for better placement and bigger results.
Real-time statistics
Our platform allows you to access real-time reports.

How it works?

1- Create your account
2- Apply to programs
3- SSelect the elements to promote
4- Generate clicks, leads and sales
5- Receive your commissions

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I have worked with various networks over the past few years, and AfilyAds offers competitive commissions and high profitability for our bases emailing. The staffs are extremely friendly, open and transparent and, above all, help us drive revenue significantly. - Cristiane | AdvUp
There are several affiliate programs, I have worked with most, but AfilyAds was a very good surprise. The big difference is the great care we have and also the payment that is super fast and reliable. - Regiely | Mail&Brands
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